Welcome to the UI Bands Alumni - Homecoming 2017

Homecoming 2017

Our 2017 edition of the Homecoming Alumni Band is going to be fantastic!  Gary Smith and Barry Houser have put together an exciting show, selection of stands tunes, and a well-planned social experience for all of our band alumni.  We look forward to seeing you again.  The weekend dates are October 27-28, the weather should be great, Lovie will coach a winning game, and the alumni band will share the field with our 2017 edition of Marching Illini.

We have some new activities which should be great!


Attention Recent Grads (2017):   You can attend for free!   All 2017 graduates are invited to attend for free.  You will still need to provide the uniform items, but the registration fee is waived.   



Illinettes please contact Devon for uniform info:  http://alumnettes.com/contact-us.html   or   Alumnettes@gmail.com

Colorguard please contact Maureen for uniform info:  maureen.durack2@gmail.com

For all other participants, the uniform will consist of the following:

  • Alumni Band Jacket.  Sorry -- ordering is closed.
  • Orange Alumni Band Polo.  Sorry -- ordering is closed.
  • Khaki pants  



As of October 20th, the registration deadline has passed; however, we do encourage all Band Alumni to attend the Friday evening concert with the Wind Symphony, Wind Orchestra and Marching Illini at 7:30 PM.  Click here: ticket office to order tickets from the Krannert ticket site. A reception for all Alumni, Friends, Family and the Public will follow the concert. 


Homecoming Schedule | Friday October 27

11:00 AM  Bands Alumni Board Meeting - Any interested alumni are welcome to attend.

1:00 PM    Alumni Band Registration | Harding Band Building

1:00 PM    NEW -- Drop-in reception for participating Alumni families at the Harding Band Building, Room 167

2:00 PM    Alumni Band Welcome and Update in Harding 141

2:20 PM    Rehearsals begin -- Winds in Harding 141.  Illinettes, Drumline, Colorguard Sectionals

4:45 PM    Leave for MI Practice Field

5:15 PM     NEW -- Pre-parade casual dinner provided for all Alumni Band and Marching Illini members at the MI Practice Field [corner of First and Gregory, adjacent to Memorial Stadium]

6:00 PM    Homecoming Parade featuring the Alumni Band and the Marching Illini.  NEW -- MI and Alumni will march the parade together!

7:00 PM    NEW -- Parade ends at Krannert Center

7:30 PM    NEW -- Homecoming Concert featuring the Illinois Wind Symphony, Wind Orchestra, and the Marching Illini at the Krannert Center. All Illinois Band Alumni and their families and friends invited to attend! Tickets will be included in Alumni registration packages, and can also be purchased separately through the Krannert Center ticket office.

9:00 PM    NEW -- Post-concert reception welcoming all current and Alumni band members, and family and friends of Illinois Bands at Krannert Center. (Cash bar and dessert/snacks available.)


Homecoming Schedule | Saturday October 28  

6:30 AM    Alumni Band Registration at South tunnel of Memorial Stadium.  Coffee and donuts for all Alumni participating in Saturday activities

7:00 AM    Alumni Band drill rehearsal in Memorial Stadium . Set and rehearse the “Block I”.... same for both pregame and halftime. You must be willing to do both. We will also rehearse the halftime drill and music.  With an 11am gametime the "drill" will be simple.  NEW: National Anthem for pregame.

7:45 AM    Rehearse pregame and halftime with MI: National Anthem, Block I, halftime, Three in One

8:30 AM    Illini Walk and Pregame concert in Grange Grove (West steps of Memorial Stadium)

9:00 AM    Set Alumni Band seating block in the stands

10:00 AM    Meet in Armory to set the Parade Block

10:15 AM    Official Alumni Band March-out from Armory to Memorial Stadium

10:40 AM    Alumni Band pregame performance.  NEW -- Alumni Band performs the National Anthem with the Marching Illini

11:00 AM    Illinois vs. Wisconsin Kickoff!


Marching Illini and Alumni Band performance

Box lunch in stadium after Halftime 


March-out from Memorial Stadium to the Education Building for our traditional postgame concert



Email us at uibandsalumni@gmail.com  for more information

Event Information
Friday, Oct 27 2017 at 1:00pm [ iCal ]
Harding Band Building

Look Who's Coming:
Cathy Alberth
Joe Alberth
William Alberth
David Althaus
Ian Anderson
Mallory Anning
Joseph Anthony
David Appleman
Cara Arnett
Ted Barczak
Jason Barman
Robert Bass
Anne Marie Beckwith Reband
Emily Benson
Daniel Bertermann
Thomas Bieber
Lisa Bischoff
Brooke Blyth
Alan Bonucci
Dominic Bonucci
Joseph Bonucci
Ramie Boyer
Brenda Brak
Lynnette Brent
Jacob Bross
Elaine Brown
Jeffrey Bryk
Ann Buchanan
Chip Buerger
Alumni Band
Sarah Buerger
Karen Bussean
Christopher Buti
Diane Butler
Gail Butler
Robert Butler
Peggy Casey
Maribeth Churak
Mark Clark
Kimberly Constantine
Rose Craig
Angella Crane
James Cross
Rebecca Cross
Margaret Crotser
Christina Crusius
Sam Decker
Dimitra Defotis
Angie Deptula
Russell Dieterich
M. Dimit
Carolyn Donnelly
David Dungan
Chris Durack
Maureen Durack
Julia Dusek-Devens
Stephen Enda
Erin Feucht
Sharon Fincher
Brian Fischmar
Gregory Fisher
Karen Fitzgerald
Jason Folkenroth
Andy Foort
Michael Frost
Victoria Fuesz
Kathy Gamble
Roland Garton
Martha Geppert
Robin Gergen
Diane Glittenberg
Michelle Glittenberg-Loeffler
Gary Grant
Robert Gray
Michael Greenstone
Zandrea Hafenrichter
Dale Hallerberg
Chris Hammitt
Kathleen Harvey
R. Scott Hauser
John Heath
John Heath
Catherine Hendrickson
Scott Hendrickson
Kathleen Heuer
Norm Hilgendorf
Scott Horsch
Samuel Huber
Meghan Jain
K.J. Jenison
Rick Joellenbeck
Bruce Johnson
Corey Johnson
Heather Johnson
Richard Johnson
Kristi Kaplan
Thomas Keegan
William Kessler
H. Joyce Kim-Rohrer
Elizabeth "Liz" Kirkley (Crowley)
Marching Illini
Rachel Klippel
Kelly Knecht
Daniel Knowles
John Koenig
Michael Kowal
Nancy Krumpolz
George Kwain
Scott La Forge
Janet LeRoy
Audrey Levengood
Larry Lewis
Gary Livesay
Cynthia Lucaczioni
Laura Luckadoo
Stephen Maack
Marching Illini Alumni
Philip Marks
Thomas Matyas
Pamela McCoy
Gregory McDonald
Cathy Mitchell
Joan Moore
Amelia Mugavero
MI Marching Band
Amy Mullard
Lawrie Music
Yuta Nakamura
Matthew Nee
Nicholas Nicholson
Ryan Nishimoto
Paula Novak
Allison Nowak
Elizabeth Nuss
Eric Olesen
Aaron Osborn
Jeff Pahlke
Amanda Patrick
Jon Peterson
Carol Portman
Wil Pritchard
Maureen Prosser-Buti
Jacob Ramsey
Jeffrey Randall
Joseph Rank
Karen Ranney
Megan Reilly
steve remish
Jane Reuber
Jack Rich
Maria Richards
Verlin Richardson
Karyn Riddle
Angela Roeser
Anna Roeser
Jeffrey Rohrer
William Ronna
Lisanne Roth
Lauren Rush
Elizabeth Samuelson
Charles Schlesinger
Paul Schlesinger
Jennifer Schlieben
Cindy Schramm Mogensen
Richard Schroeder
Tobie Schroeder
Heather Schweizer
Therese Schwerzler
Randy Sears
David Shier
Jill Shires
Ellen Singer
Forrest Slyfield
Andrew Smith
Mark Smith
John Snow
Tracy Spade
Donna Studenka
Jennifer Sudenga
Wataru Sugahara
Cynthia Sullivan
Dawn Sweeney Munson
Deborah Szwast
Karri Takeuchi
Kim Tallungan
Cynthia Tao
Katie Taylor
William Taylor
Jon Toman
Randy Torbeck
Jeff Trimble
David Trotter
Emily Tu
John Tuttle
April Venzon
Gerald Volkman
Katie Walthour
Lynne White-Shim
Beth Wisdom
Mark Wisthuff
Ryan Witt
Jan Wood
LaVerne Wright
David Ziegler
Linda Ziemann
... a total of 210 guests.

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